XFC CEO Edward Jung & President Myron Molotky
XFC CEO Edward Jung &
President Myron Molotky

XFC to File Lawsuit Against WSOF Over Contact of Kalindra Faria

It appears that the XFC and World Series of Fighting will be in a court battle over the contact of a fighter. Kalindra Faria, who XFC is claiming legal rights to, is set to take on Jessica Aguilar for the WSOF women’s strawweight title tomorrow. Here’s the official statement sent out by the XFC:

XFC has an exclusive contract with Ms. Kalindra Faria, which XFC provided to WSOF. Not withstanding the clear terms of Ms. Faria’s exclusive contract with XFC, WSOF has made it clear it intends to proceed with Ms. Faria’s bout planned for this weekend.

There is no question that XFC has a valid contract with Ms. Faria and that her fighting in a WSOF match this weekend violates XFC’s rights under that contract.

As a consequence of WSOF’s actions, XFC is filing suit against WSOF today in the United States District Court in Tampa. XFC is seeking to enforce its rights to the fullest extent of the law.

-President Myron Molotky



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