The good folks over at Kountermove have put together several tournaments for Glory 20 on Spike TV. The way this works is simple. You have $25,000 to use to choose five fighters. They can range from $4200 to $5500 depending how big of a favorite or underdog they are compared to their opponent. You score points for strikes landed, knockdowns, winning rounds, winning the fight and there are bonus points for TKO/KO wins.

Now for Glory 20 there are a couple of factors to consider that are unique to their formats. First, there are two title fights and they have potential to score more points than a standard Glory fight. Under Glory rules fights are three rounds, except for titles fights which are five rounds. Those potential extra two rounds give the title fighters a chance to score more points.

The second factor to consider is the middleweight four-man tournament. The two finalists in the tournament will fight twice, meaning they could fight six rounds giving them the opportunity for more points. They also have the opportunity to get two finishes which will score big points for your team.

It is also the reason that they are all over $5000. The highest being Jason Wilnis at $5600, followed by Simon Marcus $5500, with Wayne Barrett next at $5400 and Alex Pereira the cheapest at $5300. In this group I like the two cheaper fighters in Barrett and Pereira. This tournament is wide open as any one of these four is capable of winning the whole thing and it comes down to how the styles matchup.

I like Barrett to get past Marcus into the finals. Marcus has been a Muay Thai master for his career and the clinch game is the strongest element of his game. This is only his second fight for Glory and his second kickboxing fight. He was undefeated before he lost to Joe Schilling in the opening round of the Last Man Standing tournament. The fight was close and after three rounds it was ruled a majority-draw and that meant an extra-round. Schilling took over in that round and got the KO win.

Since that fight Marcus dropped his first Muay Thai fight as well. Sometimes when an undefeated fighter loses via a KO something in them changes. The way they see themselves. Before the KO they are invincible and the knockout changes that in a drastic fashion. This could the case with Marcus.

The other issue is their styles. For Marcus the weapon he has used for most of his career, the clinch, is negated by the Glory rules. In the Glory ring you have to immediately start throwing knees or the referee will break the clinch. The rules for Glory are geared towards creating exciting action.

The other problem for Marcus will be Barrett’s movement. Barrett likes to move a lot in unorthodox fashions and is able to create different striking angles. He also has shown great power in Glory where four of his five wins come via TKO/KO. The only decision win was against Schilling. At $5400 Barrett is the better bargain and more likely to win via a finish.

Now the other fight is very intriguing for several reasons. This is a rematch from 2012 a fight in which Wilnis used a very low-kick centered attack to defeat Pereira who was making his transition from boxing to kickboxing. Pereira has improved tremendously since that fight. Of the two fighters Pereira has the better power with 10 KO’s in 17 wins to Wilnis’ 6 KO’s in 23 wins.

Pereira has been a quick study, since dropping his first kickboxing fight to Marcus he has gone 17-1 overall and 2-1 in Glory. He made his debut for them by winning the Glory 14 four-man tournament. That win earned him a spot in the Last Man Standing tournament. There he faced Levin in the first round. Like Barrett he is the mostly to get the finish.

In the title fights I really like Gabriel Varga $4700 and Andy Ristie $4800 to emerge as champions. Varga is a technical wizard who has shown the ability to win a brawl. He displayed both of those traits to take the four-man tournament at Glory 17 to earn his title shot. He used movement and technique to take a decision over Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai in the opening round. While still having enough left to take a tough back-and-forth battle over Shane Oblonsky. In that fight both fighters landed big shots.

At only $4700 he is a great value as is Ristie at $4800. Ristie has already KO’d the champion Robin Van Roosmalen. This is a bad matchup for Van Roosmalen who struggled with Ristie’s size and length in their first fight. Van Roosmalen also is an aggressive fighter who likes to come straight forward.

By taking those two fighters to can pair them with Pereira and Saulo Cavalari $5200 and still have $5000 left for your fifth fighter. Cavalari has two KO wins in Glory. One of them is over heavyweight Zack Mwekassa. He is easily has the power to KO most light heavyweights if he catches them clean.

Two fighters I would avoid are Dustin Jacoby $4200 and Artem Vakhitov $4400. Sometimes there is good value with fighters at these prices but this is not one of them. Jacob is facing Mourad Bouzidi $5400 who KO’d heavyweights in his career. While Vakhitov is facing Cavalari.

This last-minute guide will help you jump into one of the Glory 20 games at Kountermove. They have ones for as little as ten-cents. There is not much you can do with a dime these days but now you can play Kountermove and make Glory 20 even more exciting. Kountermove putting on Glory fantasy games is like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, two great things that are even better together. You still have time to get in on the fun.



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