Florida Man Arrested For Fighting The Alligator That Stole His Meth

Florida Man Arrested For Fighting The Alligator That Stole His Meth

Florida City, Florida- A man named Bocephus Clyde Wilkinson was arrested earlier this week for punching an alligator square in the mouth for eating his meth.. He was proclaiming during the act that, “F*ck you I want my meth back!”. This action was performed in front of 135 people, and it was hysterical!

Have you ever seen a meth’d out alligator? Think Hulk and Godzilla, combined. Absolute monster. Bocephus didn’t back down though.… He gave that meth’d out gator a run for it’s money. And, it was hilarious. The police waited until both the gator and Bocephus were worn down before trying to take him down. Honestly, I get it.

When we caught up with law enforcement they released the following statement:

“Bocephus Clyde Wilkinson is a well known meth head in our community. He has been known to become a problem when someone messes with his fix. Now, he’s the laws problem. He is currently facing charges for disorderly conduct, possession and about two other offenses. If he is found guilty he can face up to 10 months in prison. That is time that can be used to get clean, refining his alligator fighting style.”

In conclusion, don’t fight alligators. Oh, and don’t do meth! Meth is really, really bad!

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