Man gets stuck in a snowman, friends have to call 911 to set him free

Man gets stuck in a snowman, friends have to call 911 to set him free

Have you ever thought about having sex with a snowman? Well, this New Hampshire man now knows firsthand that you shouldn’t. On December 31st, EMT’s had to be dispatched to extract a man from a snowman. His reasoning for going into the snowman was that, “he seen a hole, and he did the hole”. When the EMT’s arrived he told them not to extract him from the snowman until he finished. Which he did. Now, that is dedication.

Surprisingly, when the EMT’s arrived it wasn’t the first time that they had to extract the mans penis from a foreign object that it didn’t belong. They said, “he screwed his toaster last month. How you ask? He put a hole in the side and went to town. But, this snowman screwing is definitely the furthest that he has taken it”. A report from the hospital said that he now has moderate-severe frostbite, and he may never have feeling in his penis ever again. Also, they said that if you’re thinking about having intercourse with a snowman, don’t. There isn’t a scenario where it ends well.

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