Survey Reveals That One In 30 People Poo In The Shower

Ever read anything that made you say “Stop the world, i wanna get off?”. Well if you haven’t, today’s the day.

A company based in the UK performed an interesting survey where they asked a thousand people within the United Kingdom and the U.S about what they get up to while in the shower.

Their survey was quite, revealing. The poll turned up some pretty disgusting results, it showed that one in thirty people admitted to taking a dump in the shower at their place of work.

Image Credit: QS Supplies

But, why though?

In researching this myself, i’ve come across the terms ‘Waffle Stomp’ and ‘ninja stomping’, there’s even a hashtag on twitter dedicated to waffle stomping!

Quite frankly, i’m absolutely horrified!

But that’s not all that some of you neanderthals are doing in the shower.

One in three people openly admitted to urinating while showering, i guess it’s not as bad as pooing in the shower. If you’re a guy, at least you can aim down the drain.

One in twenty said they “relieved some tension” while showering. Ok, i’m never having a shower at work or the gym again.

Image Credit: QS Supplies

One in five don’t even step into the shower, saying they prefer a quick wipe down while standing at the sink.

Some slightly less startling results showed that 18% of people surveyed wash only one to three times a week, only 31% of people shower every day.

Image Credit: QS Supplies

The company that conducted the survey, QS Supplies, said: “Our bathing habits are more than purely logical choices made to stay hygienic, they can reveal secrets about who we are, what we care about, and even what our relationships are like”.

Well, would you even have a relationship if you were caught pooing in the shower!?

Shocking stuff indeed.

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Featured image credit: Jan Vašek from Pixabay and Ken Boyd from Pixabay

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