School Bully Punches A Blind Kid And Learns A Lesson About Instant Karma

Why the fuck would you punch a blind kid? This act of despicable bullying was caught on camera by a student at Huntington Beach High School in California.

Austin Higley, who’s legally blind is pictured here being punched in the face by the school bully but Higley’s friend, Cody Pines steps in to help.

Cody and Austin have been friends since elementary school. When Cody saw what was going on he jumped in and gave the bully what he deserved with a quick punch to the head, flooring him.

The video went viral and not long afterwards the boys were invited onto the Dr Phil Show where Austin thanked his friend for selflessly coming to his aid.

Cody’s actions earned him a suspension from the school due to their zero tolerance for violence.

Violence is very rarely an answer to any problem. But this is a lesson for those people who think it’s fun to pick on the vulnerable.

Video credit goes to the channel People at their best and the Dr Phil channel.

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