Kid Puts Himself Up For Adoption After Father’s Video Goes Viral

Social media has definitely taken over some people’s lives, if they’re not posting their meals on Facebook or tweeting what they had for lunch, they’re trying to become Instagram famous.

However, one father inadvertantly made his son the star of a video that is going viral right now.

The video shows the young chap in make up posing for his followers on Instagram by sipping his super duper venti crappa frappa what-ja-ma-fuckin-call-it chino in his dads car.

I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that his father might have had enough of his son’s posturing because after breaking out his camera he waits for the perfect time so swerve the car, just enough to smash his kid’s drink against the window covering the boy and his car in the sticky stuff.

The son can’t believe what just happened and has a bit of a go at his dad.

After the video was posted to Facebook people were flocking to the comment section and having their say on the boy wearing make up, with some leaving some pretty harsh comments.

Whether you like it or not, it is 2019, some men have been wearing make up for quite some time now. Admittedly, i’m not a big fan but hey, i’m a big believer in you doing your thing, i’ll do mine and i reckon we’ll get along just fine.

Anyway, enough chat, here’s the vid.

Credit: Green Tuxedo | YouTube

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