A Company Is Offering $45k A Year To Test Their Range Of Sex Dolls

Today’s technology is moving at a phenomenal pace, foldable screen smartphones have just come onto the market, automation in the workplace is becoming more commonplace, even gaming has changed with Virtual Reality integration.

When it comes down to human’s most primal desires, the tech guys have that covered too with artificial intelligence sex dolls. They seem to be a popular choice in the sex industry with many companies trying to stay ahead of the curve in this new area of the business.

London based company, Silicone Sex World are currently searching for an employee to take their range of sex dolls for a whirl in between the sheets.

If you don’t mind shafting a plastic doll, their employment package looks pretty tempting. They’re offering an attractive $45,000 yearly salary, flexible working hours, a company phone, twenty two days paid leave and even a gym card, supposedly to help keep your stamina in tip top form.

The company says that additionally, friends and family members get a discount on their range of high quality products.

Silicone Sex World

Unlike the comical inflatable sex dolls of old, these new high tech dolls come with realistic looking features and skin. Their range caters for both sexes, they have male and female dolls and even a shemale doll. Their high end dolls also have AI technology built in and they’re apparently as close to the real thing as you can get.

The successful applicant won’t just be laying around in bed all day ‘testing’ a range of dolls. He/she will be expected to also keep up with industry news by attending events around the world, keeping on track with what’s hot in the sex doll industry.

Silicone Sex World

The job states that no previous experience is needed but a keen eye for detail and a passion for the sex industry is favourable.

“It’ll make sure we maintain the quality of our offering and it’ll also help us innovate in a competitive market,” said a spokesperson for the company.

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