Disturbing Video Shows Chinese Man Casually Eating Live Baby Mice For Dinner

It’s quite well known that the Chinese people regularly eat a range of food that most of us westerners wouldn’t even think of putting into our mouths.

Anything from bats, eels, insects, turtles to sheep penis, it seems there’s not too much that’s off limits for the Chinese.

I’ve been to China a few times and witnessed some of the food markets but even i wouldn’t think anyone would eat LIVE BABY MICE!

In the video below you can see a table laid out with all the usual accompaniments, except the plat with tomatoes and a few live mice on the plate.

If you’re easily upset i’d recommend not watching the video.


I’m struggling to see how dipping the little thing into sauce can make it any more appealing to eat!

Some Chinese have no problem at all eating live foods, frogs and tadpoles are some of the ‘delicacies’ on offer at most food markets.

In another video, a man can be seen strolling into a supermarket, grabbing a live frog and taking a hefty bite from the poor amphibian.

Pretty grim stuff.

Once again, this video is hard to watch so if you’re sqeamish, don’t click play.


The range of foods that i certainly couldn’t and wouldn’t eat don’t stop at live mince and frogs.

Some Chinese favourites are Boiled tuna eyeballs, grilled sheep penis, duck embryos, deep fried scorpion, snake soup, chicken testicles and thousand year old eggs.

The thousand year old eggs are soaked in brine for 100 days, the yolk turns green and the whites become gelatinous and dark brown. This delicacy is a favourite as they become creamy with
a strong odour.

Just writing about it makes me want to puke.

We’ll i hope you’re not eating while reading this. 😀

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